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  • NextPhase was at the heart of marketing a new ASP diagnostic business model to help CardioComm reinvent itself

    CardioComm Solutions is a medical software company focused on the diagnostics and management of cardiac disease using computer-based software and hardware. NextPhase was contracted to implement a marketing strategy for their web-based product aimed at the cardiology market – authorized healthcare practitioners including GPs, cardiologists and heart surgeons. The company also needed to strengthen the market perception of CardioComm in anticipation of the launch of its new web-based business model. And the new site needed to be branded for introduction to the cardiac community – as the most credible and reliable source for all ECG related activities. 

    NextPhase rebranded CardioComm’s corporate and ASP website and incorporated the revamped visual theme on new marketing brochures, ads and a trade show display. Both the corporate and ASP sites were synergistic from a communication and visual standpoint. 

    NextPhase gave CardioComm a strong branded presence at industry trade shows – the venue chosen to launch the new ASP business model. CardioComm’s display attracted considerable attention from potential customers and alliance partners, and helped significantly in meeting key objectives in their business growth.