NextPhase Brands Inventys, a New Carbon Capture Company

Vancouver, BC, October 1, 2010 – NextPhase Strategy ( recently completed a new corporate identity and website for Inventys Thermal Technologies. The purpose of the rebrand was to create a professional look to help Inventys develop new strategic partnering opportunities, raise funds to take their process to commercialization and communicate more effectively to potential clients in their target markets.

Inventys is the developer of the most energy and capital-efficient technology for capturing carbon dioxide from industrial flue gas streams. Their proprietary VeloxoTherm™ process is less than one-third the cost of existing post-combustion CO2 capture technologies and will finally enable the widespread adoption of enhanced oil recovery and carbon sequestration.

The branding program included producing a new corporate identity, positioning statement, website (, corporate brochure, an investor PPT presentation and public relations around their product.

“We really needed to improve our brand image as we were recently funded by Sustainable Technology Development Canada and are finalizing partnership agreements with some of the world’s largest energy companies,” stated Darryl Wolanski, Vice President, Business Development. “NextPhase was not only easy to work with, but they provided strategic guidance as to the best way to brand our company.”

“We were excited to be selected to brand a new sustainable technology company. We have branded and worked with numerous cleantech companies in the past. This recent achievement validates our considerable expertise and branding capabilities in the cleantech sector,” stated Ullrich Schade.

About Inventys Thermal Technologies

Inventys Thermal Technologies ( is a cleantech company that produces technologies for the energy and process industries. It is currently in its first stages of commercializing its patented VeloxoTherm™ gas separation process whereby carbon dioxide is removed from industrial flue gas streams. The recovered CO2 can then be used for enhanced oil recovery or geologically stored – mitigating its impact on climate change. Unlike other post-combustion CO2 capture technologies currently available, the Veloxotherm™ process is capital efficient – in fact, it is less than one-third the cost of alternative processes. This capital efficiency will finally make enhanced oil recovery and carbon sequestration economically viable while helping petroleum refining, gas processing and petrochemical companies reduce their environmental impact.

About NextPhase Strategy

NextPhase Strategy ( is an award-winning branding and marketing company focused on producing results for its clients by providing complete integrated marketing communications services. NextPhase has a 30-year track record helping companies build brands, drive sales and penetrate new markets. The company represents both emerging start-ups and established companies marketing their products throughout North America and beyond.

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