NextPhase Brands and Launches New Website for ProActive ReSolutions

Vancouver, BC, July, 09, 2012 – NextPhase Strategy today announced that it has completed the branding and launch of the new ProActive ReSolutions website.

NextPhase worked closely with ProActive to produce its new website. “We used a design featuring people as the dominant visual component,” stated Ullrich Schade, president of NextPhase Strategy Marketing Inc. “The new site is visually exciting and responsive, clearly communicating ProActive ReSolutions’ corporate culture, products and service offering.”

The primary objective of this project was to create a cohesive brand image and message to reposition ProActive ReSolutions to target new audiences. It was important to position ProActive as the leading provider in successful workplace conflict and incident repair, protection and prevention strategies. NextPhase also created a new logo, brochure, and other ancillary marketing tools for ProActive.

About ProActive ReSolutions

ProActive ReSolutions is an internationally recognized leader in helping organizations build respectful workplaces. The company offers a full range of integrated products to help prevent conflict, repair relationships that have been harmed by conflict, and protect people whose health and safety are threatened by conflict. Coupled with its integrated programs, ProActive boasts a team of experts drawn from a wide range of professions including employee relations, law, forensic psychology, media, restorative justice, social policy, policing, and education.

About NextPhase Strategy

NextPhase is an award-winning branding and marketing company focused on producing results for its clients by providing complete integrated marketing communications services. NextPhase has a 30-year track record helping companies build brands, drive sales and penetrate new markets. The company represents both emerging start-ups and established companies marketing their products throughout North America and beyond.

For more information, please contact:

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Susan Sorich
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Ullrich Schade
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