NextPhase Brands and Launches New Website for UK Company with Heavy Oil Processing Technology

Vancouver, BC, November 10, 2017 – NextPhase Strategy announced today that our team successfully branded, and produced and launched a new website for FluidOil Corp. – a UK based company that has developed a novel, cost-effective heavy oil processing technology that significantly increases the economic viability of heavy oil by upgrading it close to source to produce higher value synthetic crude oil. 

NextPhase’s branding and investor marketing communications project produced for FluidOil included a new corporate identity, positioning statement, stationery, corporate white paper, sales slide deck, and a full new website.

“Branding and producing a complete corporate refresh such as the one we produced for FluidOil, can be a challenge when working at a distant with a customer in another country,” stated Ullrich Schade Brand Strategist and President of NextPhase Strategy. “In this case, with their professional approach, CEO Charles Parker and Ian Middleton, his PR person, helped make the process of working with FluidOil run like a well-oiled machine.” 

About FluidOil Corp. 
Headquartered in the United Kingdom, FluidOil is an independent international heavy oil technology company that is commercializing “Viscositor Heavy to Light” (VHTL®). Developed over a 10 year period, VHTL® is a proprietary and patented technology that will significantly increase the economic viability of heavy oil by upgrading it close to source to produce higher value synthetic crude oil. VHTL® will allow heavy oil producers to obtain a significantly higher realized price for their crude – up to $20/bbl – as well as reducing production and logistics costs.

About NextPhase Strategy
NextPhase is an award-winning branding and marketing company focused on producing results for its clients by providing complete integrated marketing communications services. NextPhase has a 30-year track record helping companies build brands, drive sales and penetrate new markets. The company represents both emerging start-ups and established companies marketing their products throughout North America and beyond.

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