NextPhase Strategy Creates a New Name and Brand, and Launches Website for Biotechnology Company

Vancouver, BC, June 6, 2017 – NextPhase Strategy announced today that our team has successfully named and branded a new biotechnology company – Avantex Biotechnologies Inc. – a Taiwanese / Vancouver based company. Avantex has developed a synergistic co-delivery nanotechnology, ideal for anti-cancer and other medical therapies, and for MRI diagnostics. Avantex Biotechnologies was founded with the goal of providing patients with a better quality of life through improved drug treatments, compliance and outcomes. 

Along with this new brand name, NextPhase produced and launched Avantex’s new corporate identity, positioning statement, stationery, business plan, investor slide deck, and a full website.

“The reason we created the name Avantex, was because we wanted a name that started near the beginning of the alphabet and denoted the fact that the dual drug delivery system had considerable advantages over current drug delivery systems in the marketplace,” stated Ullrich Schade, Brand Strategist and President of NextPhase Strategy. “Along with the new corporate name, we also created their new product name “Acufilic” which references the fact that the delivery system is accurate in its drug targeting capabilities and is hydrophilic.” 

According to Nikita Chou, President of Avantex, “We were thrilled with our new company a name and brand, and especially with the fact that NextPhase went above and beyond by also creating a new product name for our dual drug delivery system. And their ability to convey our complicated drug delivery messaging was a big bonus in enabling us to tell our corporate story more effectively to potential investors and biotech partners.”

About Avantex Biotechnologies Inc. 
Avantex Biotechnologies has developed a ground-breaking synergistic co-delivery system with improved anti-cancer therapeutic outcomes. Developed by a team of experienced professionals and researchers, this new system enables the production of dual-drug, multifunctional nanocarriers containing precision medication with lower dosage, lower toxicity and limited side effects. The Avantex naontechnology provides affordable and efficacious treatments for patients, resulting in improved patient compliance and better outcomes.

About NextPhase Strategy
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