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5 Tips on How to Write for the Web

Writing for the Internet isn’t rocket science. But some do achieve better results than others. Give the following 5 useful rules a try-- you will notice an improvement.

1. Create keyword-rich content.

Load your writing with keywords for maximum impact. This will optimize ‘searchability’, thus increasing site traffic.

2. Less is better.

Keep each sentence to one line. If your sentences get too long, people will get tired of reading and drift away. They should sound quite conversational.

3. Use headlines.

Headlines break up convoluted paragraphs and make your writing more readable. They also let readers choose which topics they want to read about.

4. Include hyperlinks.

Links engage readers and make it easier for them to check out related information. Your writing becomes more dynamic and less like a textbook.

5. Avoid jargon.

Use plain English and make sure that anyone, not just experts from certain fields, can understand your writing. Keep it simple and concise.