Real Estate

To review our real estate projects, click the titles below.

  • Modena
    Cosmopolitan living in Downtown Richmond.
  • Caché
    NextPhase creates a fun and stylish brand for condos in Kelowna
  • Montana
    NextPhase creates a "Live Life Large" look for Palladium's townhome project.
  • Maxx
    Live It Now - NextPhase takes branding to the Maxx and project sells out in two weeks.
  • Princeton
    Today, Tomorrow, A Lifetime - NextPhase creates a bold, colourful look and feel for Palladium's Richmond project.
  • Gyro Beach
    Life's a beach for MacLean with quick project sell-out.
  • First
    NextPhase creates ingenious name for concrete mid-rise that sells-out in only two weeks
  • Trepanier Manor
    Wealthy boomers connect with Trepanier Manor’s old-world elegance and charm
  • Oceana
    NextPhase brands and positions Oceana as a unique oceanside community.
  • Edge on Edge
    Blending urban westcoast lifestyle with outdoor adventure.
  • River Residences
    Captivating imagery and modern environmental home design in a waterfront setting.
  • Sunwood Senior Living Community
    The convenience of independent living and condominium ownership.
  • Tennyson Gardens
    NextPhase brands Tennyson Gardens, located in the prestigious neighbourhood of Terra Nova.
  • Discovery Parks
    Branding and Marketing for scientific research and hi-tech manufacturing.