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  • NextPhase stimulates demand for CTG in the North American hair regrowth market to help the company succesfully establish US distributorships

    Current Technology’s innovative ETG medical device provides an effective treatment for excessive hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia (common baldness) and chemotherapy. Started in 1987, the company’s device and treatment is available in Canada and numerous countries worldwide. Current needed to gain access to the all-important US market. Having failed their first FDA approval process, their consultants advised marketing the system as a hair enhancement instead of a medical device.

    NextPhase repositioned the device with a new name – CTG Techniques (CosmeticTrichoGenesis). For the product launch, a suite of marketing tools was produced, including distributor brochure and multimedia presentation, user manual and operator’s guide, consumer brochure and website, and a public relations awareness program.

    Current Technology successfully launched the CTG device into the US cosmetics and hair regrowth market. In the first six months, the company established distributorships in New York and Florida. CTG Techniques was also featured on ABC TV and in Business Week. “We were very pleased with how quickly NextPhase was able to understand our requirements and produce an effective solution.” stated Bob Kramer, VP of Current Technology.