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  • NextPhase communicates Synapse’s unique science to the biotech and investor market resulting in the company’s sale to a large American biotech firm

    Synapse Technologies was an emerging biotech company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of transport systems for therapeutic drug delivery across the blood brain barrier and new drug targets in neurodegenerative disease. The company needed to communicate the value that Synapse’s research and science represents in potential worldwide markets, help form partnership opportunities within the pharmaceutical sectors, and generate interest in the investment industry. To accomplish this, the company required corporate marketing tools for use at biotech trade shows across North America. 

    Working closely with Synapse’s consultants, NextPhase produced a new corporate marketing package. It included an informative corporate brochure outlining the company and its science, detailed profile and product brochures, management profiles and a milestone overview. 

    The marketing package was introduced at the Pacific Rim Biotechnology Conference and the San Diego Biotech show. It assisted in attracting a number of institutional investors, including: Bank of Montreal Capital, Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund, MDS, Royal Bank Ventures, Ventures West and the Working Opportunity Fund. Soon after, Synapse was acquired by BioMarin Pharmaceutical in the US.

    Synapse Technologies