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  • NextPhase helps build annual sales from $200,000 to $43 million for top joystick maker, Advanced Gravis

    Advanced Gravis Computer Technology had become one of the leading makers of joysticks for personal computers. The company realized their corporate image and packaging needed to be updated. In the 10 years since their products were first introduced, the computer peripherals market had grown exponentially and new competitors had raised the stakes in the battle for shelf space and consumer dollars. 

    The existing Gravis logo was modernized and the new packaging design was approached strategically. Vibrant graphics, bold type and prominent product photography made each package a strong, visually-arresting merchandising tool. Each package also displayed four languages that were critical to selling the product internationally: English, French, German and Spanish. NextPhase also recommended Gravis standardize many of their package sizes, saving thousands in production costs. 

    As part of the rebranding, NextPhase also launched the new UltraSound card for PCs. The launch included an ad campaign, promotional brochures, trade show  display, in-store POP, and product packaging. 

    Overall, Gravis received tremendous value for the dollars spent. The company benefited from increased brand presence, consumer sales, dealer support, and an improved bottom line as a result of the packaging standardization. The UltraSound launch went smoothly with all Advanced Gravis’ retailers stocking the product for the upcoming Christmas season.

    Advanced Gravis