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  • NextPhase helped position Sierra Wireless as a leading wireless technology maker, which supported raising $42.5 million in its IPO

    Sierra Wireless is a leading maker of wireless data modems for portable and industrial applications. When the company realized that they had grown so quickly that their marketing communications did not accurately reflect their achievement and stature in the marketplace, they contracted NextPhase to assist them. NextPhase needed to create new marketing material, communicate corporate strength, promote growth, market existing products, assist new product launches and make sure the communications supported the upcoming IPO. 

    NextPhase developed a complete integrated marketing program tailored to communicate the solid reality of Sierra’s products to customers and the investment community. The marketing program included a corporate brochure, product brochures, product packaging, 20’ x 30’ trade show display, new product launches, and industry ad campaign. 

    NextPhase succeeded in significantly raising the awareness of Sierra Wireless among consumers and investors in the North American marketplace. This enabled the company to go head-to-head with larger competitors in the tough wireless sector and assisted the company in successfully raising $42.5 million in its Initial Public Offering.

    Sierra Wireless