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  • NextPhase’s in-depth marketing expertise differentiated KSM in the marine technology market resulting in increased media awareness, website traffic and sales

    Kongsberg Simrad Mesotech (KSM) is the North American subsidiary of the Kongsberg Group of Companies. The subsidiary is the maker of underwater sonar and acoustic products. KSM needed to enhance its North American marketing effectiveness and take control of all marketing communications that its Norwegian parent company had previously directed. NextPhase was contracted to take over and launch the program.

    First NextPhase redeveloped the company’s website and produced a new ad campaign. To maximize marketing effectiveness, we developed an integrated communications package that included an ongoing media publicity program targeted at industry publications and e-zines throughout North America.

    NextPhase’s focused ad campaign raised corporate awareness and kept the market informed of KSM’s products. Through regular dissemination of newsworthy stories, NextPhase Strategy’s publicity efforts generated awareness of KSM as a world leader in sonar and acoustic technology. Visitor traffic to the website increased substantially. The results of the program were summed up by KSM president, Hans Gray, “...working with NextPhase, we achieved our goal of considerably raising our product and industry profile.

    Kongsberg Simrad Mesotech