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  • NextPhase heats up SEMICON West in San Francisco with a successful Vortek product launch and subsequent sale for $40 million

    Vortek Industries developed a technique known as Rapid Thermal Processing ("RTP") which enables the production of faster chips. RTP is the fastest growing technology for thermal processes used in semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing today. Vortek wanted to launch its RTP technology at SEMICON West in San Francisco. It needed to showcase RTP but didn’t have a demo unit to display as there was only one prototype. The whole story had to be told through print, multi-media and trade show presentations. 

    NextPhase was contracted to produce a launch strategy. The suite of marketing tools included a product name and wordmark, product brochure, presentation folder, trade show display, multi-media presentation and trade show pre-marketing. 

    Vortek's launch was a success and generated strong interest from major semiconductor manufacturers including Motorola and Intel. "We were the new kid on the block, yet the interest we stirred with our product presentation was considerable" stated Vortek's President Reg Allen. "The results were excellent, considering we didn't have a tangible product to present." Due in part to a successful product launch, the company was subsequently sold for $40 million.

    Vortek Industries