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  • NextPhase helped connect a telephone equipment maker to telcos worldwide and successfully launch its new product into the market

    dba Telecom had developed a new line of SmartTalk handsets and needed to launch the product to the industry worldwide. The public company also needed to appeal to investors as it was emerging from tough financial times and wanted to communicate the bright future that lay ahead. dba required a full launch program to raise awareness and secure sales for its line of SmartTalk phones. As a smaller company, it also needed to project the image of a bigger player to establish credibility with the large telcos. 

    The communications program consisted of a new corporate identity, new corporate and product brochures, in-store product display, product packaging, trade show display, trade ad campaign, trade and consumer public relations, and an annual report for investors. As visually strong packaging is considered to be an effective "silent salesperson", NextPhase’s new packaging for dba played a significant role in generating sales. 

    According to Kevin Pickering, Executive VP and Director of Marketing, “This is the first time dba has had such a complete marketing communications program. NextPhase did an excellent job in giving us a sophisticated look and positioning our products on a level the global telcos understand.”

    dba Telecom