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  • NextPhase produces colorful promotions that increase trial and penetration of specific Canada Bread products

    Survey results showed that the Italian Style bread category was growing by 29% vs. 4% for Canada Bread’s Delicioso brand. Similarly, in the bun category, premium buns had been increasing 11% vs. 3% for mainstream buns. To capture a larger share, Canada Bread reformulated its Delicioso products to improve taste and authenticity to Italian bread as well as the price / value for consumers. In the bun segment, Dempster’s Deluxe was rebranded to Dempster’s Signature by reformulating the product and launching four new SKUs. Canada Bread hired NextPhase to support the product launches with new point-of-sale (POS) and trade marketing collateral that could be applied to all Canada Bread’s product marketing programs. 

    The primary action was to use POS merchandising support to build household trial / penetration through consumer awareness. Also to provide the tools to enable superior key account and field sales execution. 

    NextPhase was able to build household trial / penetration and the rebranding facilitated better key account and field sales execution. Colleen Sharen, Marketing Director, said that “In addition to the creative, I was most impressed by NextPhase Strategy’s project management approach. I received a quality product with little effort on my part. Simply put, they have made my job a lot easier."

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