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  • With creative direction from NextPhase, Scott Paper introduces their colorful new Purex ‘Soft Tones’ and gains shelf space and sales

    Scott Paper’s Purex accounted for 22% of their bathroom tissue sales, with 12% derived from colored and print bathroom tissue. At the time, colored tissues were only available in 4-packs, Scott decided to launch 8- and 12-packs to satisfy the trend of purchasing larger quantities. NextPhase’s task was to raise awareness of the new 8- and 12-packs, create excitement about colored and printed tissue, and reinforce the benefits of the Purex brand. 

    First NextPhase created ‘The Soft Tones’ – as the theme. Names included ‘Jazzy Pink’, Tempo Peach’ and the ‘Harmony Prints’. To support the trade, a brochure and product samples were distributed. The consumer promotion consisted of on-pack flashes to announce the new colors and prints, POP shelf danglers, shelf talkers and a poster. 

    NextPhase Strategy helped Scott Paper successfully launch the new Soft Tones. Said Scott Paper’s Purex Marketing Manager, Tony Luongo, “Purex, Western Canada’s favorite bathroom tissue, hit a new high note with the introduction of a winning quartet of contemporary colors with strong trade and consumer communications materials.” Over the next 12 months Soft Tones gained incremental sales and shelf space.

    Scott Paper