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  • NextPhase puts vitality into the relaunch of PharmaSave’s ‘Naturals’ brand of vitamins, increasing sales and making it easier for pharmacists to stock product

    Started in 1981, PharmaSave offers consumers proven products and services along with the benefit of a strong national brand. Unfortunately, its Naturals product line suffered from lack of shelf appeal, strong competition and lagging sales. Our challenge was to revitalize the brand to help head sales in the right direction. 

    After researching the competition, NextPhase designed a unique ‘natural’ look for the packaging. We distinguished categories by color coding and created a planogram that allowed for category grouping (cold remedies, stress, headache, etc.) and allotted shelf space based on product popularity. We applied the new ‘Naturals’ design to in-store promotional items and ran an ad campaign in health-related magazines to help support the launch. 

    "We loved the new look" stated Joanna Calvert, PharmaSave’s National Private Label Manager. "Not only was it attractive, but compared to the competition, it jumped right off the shelf. And with the advertising, new in-store POP, planogram and shelf strips in place, sales have already increased."