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  • NextPhase pours its branding expertise into positioning a new winery in the Okanagan, helping it win a Platinum Award at the Okanagan Wine Festival

    When the Fitzpatrick family bought a new Okanagan winery, they decided that the name, Uniacke, had to be replaced with something that was easy to remember and pronounce. They also needed to be branded and positioned to hold their own in the very competitive Canadian wine industry market.

    NextPhase recommended against going head to head with the big national brands – rather carve out a niche market by carefully preserving the family-run image. This was achieved with the new name, Cedar Creek Estate Winery, and a distinctive and tasteful brand logo and identification for bottles and labels. NextPhase also produced a company brochure and in-store POP marketing including bottleneck tags, cut carton displays and full color triarama ceiling posters.

    A product image that precisely targets estate wine consumers – those prepared to pay a little extra for a premium wine. The new brand communicated that Cedar Creek was committed to wine excellence, and that family ownership means they craft their wines with care and attention to detail. This also resulted in winning a Platinum Award at the Okanagan Wine Festival.

    Cedar Creek