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  • NextPhase launches LifeScan’s new ouchless Penlet Plus targeted to diabetics – enables the company to go head-to-head against Roche, the category leader

    Johnson & Johnson’s LifeScan, Inc. is a leading maker of OneTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems. For over 25 years the company has been providing accurate, easy-to-use products to help diabetics live a better life. LifeScan developed the Penlet Plus, a new painless lancet for diabetics. Benefits include reduced pain and enhanced patient safety. Their competitor, Roche, had captured the lancet category, and Johnson & Johnson wanted to recapture market share with their new Penlet Plus. 

    The Penlet Plus benefits needed to be clearly communicated to enable it to go head-to-head with Roche’s category leader. The creative theme focused on the fingertip – the body part most subjected to lancets – showing how the new ‘ouchless’ lancet was “The Gentle Touch”. The launch program included a consumer ad campaign, in-pharmacy promotion including posters, danglers, and talkers, as well as trade marketing to educate pharmacists. 

    Feedback from LifeScan’s sales force was extremely positive, indicating that product launch literature was helpful in communicating the benefits to pharmacists. Sales indicated that the consumer advertising and promotions worked well. And consumers liked the new product as it truly was less painful to use.

    LifeScan Inc.