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  • Datawest Solutions banks on NextPhase to brand their new public company, which helps raise over $10 million

    Datawest Solutions Inc. had acquired CUE Datawest Ltd., the largest provider of online banking system services to credit unions in Canada, and was about to finance expansion by going public. The company required a fresh new look that communicated the mission and values of its business to its main target audiences including customers, partners and investors.

    NextPhase was retained to create a new corporate identity, brochures and its first annual report to reflect the new direction of the company.

    The new identity, brochures and annual report were well received by all stakeholders. Datawest successfully raised over $10 million when it went public. Lindsay Novoshonoff, Datawest’s Marketing Communications Specialist, commended NextPhase for its "excellent work, professionalism and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ in getting a quality product delivered on time."

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