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  • NextPhase puts intelligent spin on new process control software product launch; generates over 5,500 qualified North American leads in six months

    Universal Dynamics is a leading provider of industrial process control applications that increase plant performance and profitability. The company developed an entirely new software system and looked to NextPhase to launch the product in North America. They wanted to start with a huge splash at the annual ISA industry trade show. And they wanted to support the launch with a dynamic campaign targeted at diverse vertical markets.

    Originally named the Universal Adaptive Controller, NextPhase renamed the software BrainWave with a the positioning line "Thinking the Process Through". The full launch program included product and application brochures, direct and e-marketing program, trade show display, product video and website. This program was supported with public relations and advertising campaign.

    The launch at ISA was a success. According to John Kay, V.P. Director of Marketing, “We were able to capture twice the number of prospects that other booths were getting. We got a large process company worth over $500K and closed the first trial order less than three weeks after the show.” In the next six months, the campaign produced over 5,500 qualified leads from across North America.

    Universal Dynamics