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  • Barkley Capital banks on NextPhase to create a brand image for marketing to technology entrepreneurs and successfully attracts 23 new ventures

    Barkley Capital combines their financing sources and experience to provide the funding and support systems that emerging technology companies need to succeed. As a newly-formed venture capital investment company, they required a brand image to position themselves within the technology and investment community. They also needed to raise awareness of their products and services and communicate their uniqueness among local venture capital companies. 

    NextPhase was contracted to create the branding strategy and produce a suite of marketing collateral for Barkley Capital. The strategy called for a contemporary look to attract new technology companies, yet it needed to provide a feeling of stability to instill confidence among investors. The branding included a new identity, stationery, brochure, multi-media presentation, website and newsletter. 

    Since the launch of the branding program, Barkley Capital embarked on an aggressive program of sourcing venture capital and funding 23 technology companies. Stated Managing Partner, Randy Babcook, "There is no doubt that you have made Barkley Capital look very credible and tech-savvy at the same time. Thanks again for a job very well done."

    Barkley Capital