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  • NextPhase provides a new direction for Lyco Logistics’ branding and marketing; shortens their time-to-market timeframe

    Lyco Industries is an importer / wholesaler of after-market automobile and RV parts that had built and implemented a state-of-the-art warehousing system. Because their Warehouse Management System (WMS) had substantially increased productivity, they decided to transition to become a pure logistics provider for other companies. NextPhase Strategy was contracted to rename and rebrand the company to communicate their new focus and create sales material that explained how their real time inventory data warehousing system saves time and money. With Lyco’s bar-code technology, they could deliver 99.9% accuracy at every stage of the distribution process.
    After researching industry data on modern warehousing and logistics, NextPhase produced a new brand positioning for Lyco. This was applied to a brochure, multi-media presentation, website and industry ads.
    The new branding and sales material assisted Lyco in signing a number of large contracts over the first year – primarily with multi-level marketing companies. Mike Reid, company owner and president summed it up by stating, “Without NextPhase’s help, our time-to-market would have been much slower. It certainly helped us close a few sales early on in our business change-over.” Two years after NextPhase produced the new branding, the company was successfully sold to large multi-level marketing company. 

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