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  • NextPhase brands The GEO Group, a global provider of diversified government services –positions the company to list on the NYSE and the stock soars from $6 to over $30

    The GEO Group, Inc. – a global company headquartered in Florida, USA – is a world leader in privatized correctional detention. The company also provides other diversified services – from home detention, electronic monitoring, to the management of medical and mental health facilities. The company, originally a division of the Wackenhut Corporation, had separated from its parent company and needed to divest itself of its old name, Wackenhut Corrections, and emerge as a strong brand of its own. 

    With the name change to The GEO Group, Inc., NextPhase implemented a complete rebranding program that included a corporate brand identity implementation, identity design guide, exterior, interior and way-finding signage, vehicle markings, flags, website redesign, and trade show displays. NextPhase also produced a name change campaign that included public relations to alert the investment, business and industry media, direct marketing and advertising program, website announcement, and promotional material for the internal announcement. 

    In only three months, NextPhase rebranded GEO from start to finish, including implementing all the elements required to change the company’s identity and produce the name change campaign. Shortly after the name change, the company successfully listed on the NYSE and the stock rose from $6 to over $30.

    The GEO Group Inc.