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  • NextPhase Strategy positions ProActive ReSolutions to enter new markets

    ProActive was already a successful company with a strong client base in the government, municipal, resource and health care sectors. However, its corporate identity, print material and web presence had a very dated look and was not in sync with its status as a leader in in the industry. With a mandate to grow its business worldwide as well as target Fortune 500 companies, ProActive looked to NextPhase to help transition the company by overhauling its key messaging and brand identity in time for a major conference only two months away.

    The first step was the logo: ProActive wanted it to better reflect its three core areas of service: prevent, repair and protect. We accomplished this by taking their original flower-based logo and creating a new simplified and modernized version with three petals representing each service area. Since theirs is a people business, communication materials featured a collage of individuals from all walks of life. We used blue was the key colour as it corporate and communicates trust. The website home page focused on facts about workplace conflict – how it can reduce productivity, impact sales and result in litigation.

    NextPhase was able to deliver a new identity, complete website and four-page brochure in time for a conference in Australia. All ProActive principals bought in readily to the new look and feel, with Richard Hart, Director, stating that “We are more than pleased with the way that NextPhase has captured and communicated both who we are and what we do. We are looking forward to driving our business development to new levels under this enhanced corporate identity.”

    ProActive ReSolutions Inc.