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  • NextPhase creates strong identity for Day4 Energy, positioning it to emerge as a powerhouse in the sustainable energy industry and grow sales from zero to over $78 million

    Led by Dr. John MacDonald of MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates fame, Day4 Energy was founded in 2001 with the goal of revolutionizing solar power use in residential, commercial, industrial and utility power generation. The company designs and builds leading-edge, high-performance solar electric modules based on its patented Day4® Electrode technology. As a start-up company, Day4 lacked a strong identity to communicate its value to customers and investors.

    NextPhase’s first task was to create a corporate identity that reflected the founders’ vision. We worked closely with the Day4 team to ensure that all stakeholders were able to share their input. Once this exercise was completed, we proceeded with developing a brochure, display banners, advertising and a PowerPoint presentation. An improved online presence with a new website was subsequently created as well.

    Day4 Energy had little presence in the marketplace when NextPhase commenced their branding and marketing communications initiative. Starting at ground zero, NextPhase produced the required tools to help position the company to grow from no sales to over $78 million in 2008, as well as completing a successful IPO that raised over $100 million from the public marketplace. Dan Murray, Day4 Sales Manager said “The NextPhase Strategy team…did an excellent job of translating our vision into a corporate identity…they provided valuable input in terms of overall design, look and feel, and consistency of messaging in all the material they produced.”

    Day4 Energy Inc.