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  • NextPhase brands Lignol Energy to help fuel its success in raising $25 million in funding and signing JV partnerships

    Lignol is undertaking the development of biorefineries for the production of fuel-grade ethanol and biochemicals from Canadian forests and vast supplies of biomass feedstocks. The company had acquired and modified a solvent-based pre-treatment technology that was originally developed by a subsidiary of General Electric. To assist in raising funds to commercialize the technology and build its first plant, Lignol needed to develop its own brand identity.

    NextPhase was contracted to create a new brand image that effectively communicated Lignol’s unique value proposition. Initial items included stationery, a corporate brochure, presentation folder, PowerPoint presentation and website. In the next phase, we augmented the program with further tactics including magazine ads, trade show displays, and public relations campaign to create industry awareness.

    The first phase of the branding assisted Lignol in successfully going public and raising $4.5 million. The funding enabled Lignol to assemble a team of experts and build a Cellulosic Ethanol Development Centre with a pilot plant to showcase its technology. The second phase assisted the company in raising over $20 million ($14 million in financing and over $8 million in grants). The company also successfully signed joint venture working relationships with HA International, Suncor and Weyerhaeuser.

    Website produced by NextPhase Strategy www.lignol.ca

    Lignol Energy Corporation