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  • NextPhase launches a consumer brand for Napier’s RemovALL – a unique environmentally responsible, non-toxic solution – and consumer sales rose to 55% of company revenue

    Napier Environmental Technologies Inc. manufactures environmentally responsible, non-toxic solutions that safely remove unwanted coatings from any surface in a user friendly, cost-effective manner. Their patented paint remover technologies are specifically developed to replace unsafe harsh chemicals and unacceptable mechanical methods still common in the industry. Traditionally used by contractors and paint professionals, Napier now wanted to market the RemovALL line of products to the do-it-yourself consumer.

    To launch and sell Napier’s RemovALL line of products to do-it-yourself consumers – the company contracted NextPhase to rebrand its product line with a new logo and product packaging, and instore displays. Along with the rebranding, NextPhase was retained to promote the Napier story to the industry trade and consumer media. As part of the communications initiative, NextPhase also produced a monthly newsletter to provide investors of the publicly-listed company with the latest news and successes.

    With the RemovALL rebranding, NextPhase successfully launched the consumer line of products and created awareness in the media. As a result, sales growth increased substantially to 55% for the RemovALL consumer line. Over the next year, the company developed new distributor relationships and their products were sold by such large international companies as ICI Devoe UK, PPG, Martin & Associates Industries, CMP and KBK Japan. Frank Dixon, Napier’s president stated “NextPhase was a quick study. They did their research, assessed our situation and quickly produced the solutions we needed. They had vision when it came to fulfilling our branding and marketing communication needs, and they were easy to work with.”

    Napier Environmental Technologies Inc.