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  • NextPhase charges-up MagPower Systems brand image – helping it become internationally recognized as a premier magnesium air fuel cell developer

    MagPower Systems Inc. is a leader in developing cost-effective alternative magnesium air fuel cell power units. The company’s image was home-grown and needed a facelift to reflect the technical sophistication of its technology.

    To communicate the MagPower story to investors, joint-venture partners and future customers, NextPhase was contracted to create a new corporate identity, stationery, corporate brochure, presentation folder, PowerPoint presentation and display. A new statement “Generating Innovation” was created to succinctly position the company in the marketplace. To provide an online presence, a corporate website was produced with an integrated brand image.

    In the immediate years after launching the new suite of marketing materials, the company showcased its technological innovations and presented papers at the Pacific Energy Institute Conference Vancouver, Canadian Fuel Cell Conference Calgary, Hydrometallurgical Conference Toronto, Grove Fuel Cell Conference London, World Energy Conference Tokyo, Globe Vancouver, Fuel Cell Expo Tokyo, Conference of Metallurgists Calgary, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells 2007 Conference Vancouver and China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Investment / Trade Expo Shanghai. The company was also successful in raising over $4 million and developed joint-venture initiatives with Ionocom Inc., Gentrx Corporation and Seawolf Industries Inc.

    MagPower Systems Inc.