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  • NextPhase brands new Tanzanian mining company, Douglas Lake Minerals – helping it raise more than $16 million towards putting their gold property into production

    Douglas Lake Minerals (DLKM) was exploring and developing gold, copper, nickel, uranium and diamond mining opportunities in Tanzania and had a growing portfolio of 55 properties. Its goal was to establish itself as a leading mining exploration and development company in Tanzania. The company needed to develop a brand identity to communicate its story to the investment marketplace to raise funds and establish joint venture partnerships. 

    NextPhase was contracted to brand and position DLKM as a credible mining company. New to the marketplace, it needed to communicate that it had a large portfolio of properties with strong potential to become operating mines. NextPhase produced a new corporate identity, corporate brochure, investor profile, presentation folder, PowerPoint presentation and trade show display. We also created a robust website with in-depth information along with news releases to communicate the story to the media. 

    The branding and communications program assisted DLKM in forming several joint-venture partnerships and raising over $16 million. Said Harp Sangha, President of DLKM, “NextPhase’s assistance with establishing our credibility in the mining industry and investment marketplace has been invaluable. They have been there whenever we needed them - whether it is to update investor brochures, add to our website or write news releases. With their assistance, we are on-track to become a mining company with a serious portfolio of properties.”

    Douglas Lake Minerals