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  • NextPhase positions True North Gems for an IPO, helping it raise over $7 million

    True North Gems is a Vancouver exploration company focused on the exploration and development of colored gemstone deposits in Canada. A few years previous, conventional opinion was that diamond deposits did not exist in Canada – soon after Canada became a leading diamond producer. True North wanted to communicate that they were the driving force for developing similar world-class colored gemstone deposits. 

    The focus of the investor message was that from emeralds to rubies, Canada has the potential to host these gemstones, and that True North had the capability of taking gemstones from mine to market. To effectively deliver these messages, NextPhase produced a suite of marketing tools including an investor brochure, PowerPoint presentation and trade show display. 

    The result was the successful financing of True North at pre-IPO and IPO stages. In total, more than $7 million was raised and the company’s stock went from an IPO of $0.50 to over $1.50. "With NextPhase’s help at crafting the right investment message, we were able to generate enough interest to do the first IPO of a precious gemstone exploration, development and marketing company in Canada." stated Andrew Smith, Chairman of True North Gems.

    True North Gems