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  • NextPhase uses a unique theme to communicate the potential of precious metal deposits in Mexico

    LMX Resources Ltd. is a mineral exploration company focused on the development of properties in the rich precious metal belt of Mexico, from the southern State of Guerro to the northern State of Sonora. With the opening of Mexico’s mining industry to foreign investment, LMX wanted to position itself as a dynamic participant in the development of Mexico’s mineral resource potential. The company had made significant property acquisitions for exploration and development. To raise funds and sell stock, LMX had to communicate its unique exploration story to investors. 

    To achieve its objectives, LMX contracted NextPhase to rebrand and reposition the company to communicate its new focus on Mexico. NextPhase produced a complete marketing communications package that included a corporate identity, corporate brochure, folder, individual property sheets and website. 

    With the new marketing material, LMX was able to communicate its new focus to the investment community including individual investors, buy-side brokers, brokerage firms and mining analysts. Said LMX Director, Don Farrall, "The job NextPhase did in communicating our new focus on Mexico was outstanding. Their concept of using the Inca theme and the legendary seven golden cities in the Southwest was a unique and highly effective way of illustrating the potential of our mining properties."

    LMX Resources